20th Century

A brief history of significant dates for the Company and some other interesting dates concerning the developments in Billiards & Snooker.

1900- The report of the committee appointed to draft the rules of Snooker was presented and finally passed on Tuesday 11th December 1900 by the Billiards Association of Great Britain and Ireland.

1901- Thurston's built and opened their famous Match Hall, Showrooms and Offices in Leicester Square. Catherine Street premises were demolished (Site of Aldwych).
1907- Thurston's granted the Royal Warrant of His Majesty King Edward V 11.

1910- Thurston's introduced the improved "Thurstonic" Cushion.

1911- Thurston's granted the Royal Warrant of His Majesty King George V.

1912- Edward Arthur Clare established as a Billiards Table Maker in Fraser Street, Liverpool.
1920- E.L. Fletcher & Son Ltd. established as manufactures of wafers (used to stick tips on cues) and later cue tips as well, in Baldock, Herts.

1923- Thurston's introduced the "Janus" reversible Cotton Billiards Cloth.

1924- Thurston's introduced the Wonderful "Standfast" Billiards Cushion.

1926- Composition Billiard Balls used for the first time in the Amateur Billiards Championships.

1929- Following a decision taken by the Billiards Association and Control Club in July of the previous year Composition Billiard Balls used for the first time in the Professional Billiards Championships.

1937- The Original "Eralc" Non-Shadow Billiards Shade introduced by E. A. Clare & Son, Liverpool.

1937- On April 14th the first Game of Snooker on Television -Horace Lindrum v Willie Smith.

1937- On May 3rd the first game of Billiards on Television -Joe Davis v Tom Newman.

1940- Thurston's famous Match Hall, Showrooms and Offices destroyed during the London Air Raids. The Administration was removed to the factory at Chelsea.

1940- Padmore's moved into temporary leased premises at 95 Colmore Row after their office and factory destroyed during an air raid.

1946- Padmore's move in to new premises at 3 Coleshill St., Birmingham.
1946/50- Peradon's acquired the cue businesses of Nidds of Kentish Town, MacMorran of chalk Farm and Weildings of Acton.
1948- The "Eralc" Mark 11 Non-Shadow Billiards Shade introduced by E. A, Clare & Son

1950's- Padmore's consolidated their offices and factory to 8/12 Cheshire street, Birmingham.
1962- E. A. Clare & Son introduced the first British Billiards Table of Modem Design with patented "built-in' levelling device called the "Jubilee Model'.
1963- Thurston's of London and Clare's of Liverpool become associated under Chairmanship of Mr. Norman Clare.

1964- The Non-Shadow shade improved -renamed "Standfast Shade" and marketed by Clare & Thurston,

1965- Thurston's factory and offices at Cheyne Walk, Chelsea were redeveloped -the Company acquired and moved into l/lA Sharples Hall Street, London NWl.

1966- Thos. Padmore & Sons of Birmingham become associated to form the Clare - Padmore -Thurston Group under Chairmanship of Mr Norman Clare.
1966- Peradon's Willesden site zoned for redevelopment and factory moved out to Southway, Walworth Industrial Estate, Andover, Hants.
1970- Clare's factory and offices were zone for redevelopment -the Company moved into new and larger premises at 46/48 St. Anne Street, Liverpool 3.

1970- Padmore's factory and offices were zoned for redevelopment -the business moved into new and larger premises at 180/182 Lozells Road, Birmingham 19.
1972- E.L.Fletcher & Son Ltd business sold by Mrs. Ashmole daughter of founder to Clare's.
1972- The Super Crystalate Billiards and Snooker Balls introduced.

1975- Fletcher factory & office transferred from Baldock to 99a Webster Road, Liverpool.
1977- E.L.Fletcher & Son Ltd. amalgamated with Peradon to form Peradon & Fletcher with head office and cue factory in Andover and branch office and tip making in Liverpool.

1979- Thurston's opened new Offices and Showrooms at 220 Camden High Street, London NW1.

1982- Drakes Pride (Darlington's old trade mark which was re-registered in E.A. Clare & Son's name in 1979) name used for composition bowls produced by E.A. Clare & Son Ltd.

1983- Thurston's sold the Sharples Hall Street factory for redevelopment and acquired a larger modern factory at 15/17 Brecknock Road, London N7.

1984- E.A. Clare & Son bowling green bowls division trading as Drakes Pride
1985- Peradon & Fletcher celebrate 100 years of trading
1985 -Mr. N. Clare's book 'Billiard & Snooker Bygones' published by Shire Publications

1986- Thurston's acquired the trading interests of Billard Van Laere the oldest Billiard Table Maker in Belgium, trading in Brussels and Europe as "THURSTON -V AN LAERE.

1987- J. Ashcroft's Billiard & Snooker trading interest acquired by E.A. Clare & Son. (note: Mr E.A. Clare served his apprenticeship at Ashcroft's)

1988 -Clare -Padmore -Thurston of the Clare Group amalgamate and adopt the corporate trade name 'THURSTON' ,
1990- Mr. N. Clare ( 1914-1990) died, the museum he set up at the Liverpool offices renamed 'The Norman Clare Museum'.
1991- Thurston's Birmingham office & showrooms, move to 'Padmore House', 273/275 Lichfield Road, Birmingham, B6 7QP

1992 -The London office and showrooms move to 110 High Street, Edgware, London.
1994- Peradon & Fletcher relocated their factory and offices to 128 Richmond Row, Liverpool.
1997- EAC&S Cue sports division trading as Peradon

1997- European Billiard Congress formed -THURSTON founder members

1998- Thurston launched their website - thurston.co.uk and the cue company Peradon's peradon.co.uk website also launched. Drakes Pride website - drakespride.co.uk launched.

1999 -Thurston celebrates 200 years of service to the sports of Billiards, Snooker & Pool.


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