Peradon Cue Plates

Peradon's have made numerous models of cues over the years and the pictures below of some of the cue plates associated with their production. These pictures are taken from sections of the display boards so some of the plates will be seen more than once.

Please note that it is not possible for replacement plates to be supplied.


ref 0437

Plates for UK snooker businesses such as Lupton's of Manchester, E.A. Clare of Liverpool and Padmore of Birmingham as well as overseas ones such as Union Billiards in South Africa and Alcocks in Australia

0438 Snooker Cue plates

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More Snooker examples of overseas snooker businesses cue plate. Heiron & Smith of Australia, Greenwood of New Zealand, Pro-Way of Singapore and Chaiyant Sahabhong of Thailand to name by a few. Also examples of Peradon's player endorsed cue plates - Eddies Charlton and ray Reardon.

0439 Billiard Cue plates

ref 0439

Cue plates from Peradon's own models as well as player endorsed cues.

0440 snooker cue plates

ref 0440

0441 billiard cue plates

ref 0441

Further examples of Professional Snooker players endorsed cue plate

0442 Snooker Cue Plates 

 ref 0442

0443 Snooker Cue Plates

ref 0443

0444 Billiard Cue plates

 ref 0444

0445 Snooker firms cue plates

ref 0445

Special ranges of cue plates for Peradon's clients

0446 Snooker Cues

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0447 Snooker Cue Plates

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0448 Peradon cue plates

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As you will have seen from the collection of cue plates Peradon made cues for a wide range of clients both home and overseas and still offer this service to the Trade.

Peradon having been established in 1885 are the UK's oldest and most respected cue makers they offer a bespoke cue making service which can easily be accessed by following the link to their cuewizard website.


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