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An Unique Horace Lindrum Cue

Back in 2007 Peter Clare had an phone call from a Mr. T. Lawrence concerning a Horace Lindrum Cue which had been hand down through the family, originally belonging to his maternal grandfather Mr. Robert Grice who worked for McDonald biscuits.

In subsequent emails further information was provided and based on the family story the cue had been used by Horace Lindrum at the re-opening of the Leicester Square Match rooms in 1947, and was then signed by some of the celebrities present before being auctioned off on the night to raise funds.

Mr. Lawrence very kindly brought the cue over to Liverpool for Peter Clare to see and it was agreed that the Heritage Collection would be able to display the cue for the duration of the Billiard & Snooker Heritage Exhibition that was set up in the Thurston showroom in Liverpool as part of the City's European Capital of Culture Celebrations in 2008. (Mr. T. Lawrence had kindly left the cue in the Hertitage Collection until he collected the cue on 9th February 2017)

During this period research was undertaken to try and ascertain if the family's understanding of the Cue's history was correct. Peter Clare would like to acknowledge the help provided in this research from the Lawrence family, Peter Ainsworth of English Association for Snooker and Billiards and also Ted Lowe (The famous BBC Snooker Commentator).

Peter Ainsworth was able to provide information as to whom attended the reopening night of the Leicester Match Room and Ted Lowe, who was involved with the Match Room, was able to confirm some of the signatures on the cue and explain about the celebrity events that were held there raising funds. In some ways theses snooker matches hosted at Leicester Square Match Room and later at the 'Cafe Royal' were the for runners of some of the modern day celebrity fund raising events. Clive Everton the editor of 'Snooker Scene' magazine also confirmed some of the signatures that appear on the Cue. The Cue itself is a Horace Lindrum badged cue made by Peradon (click on name to go to the story of Peradon)and does not look to have ever been used for a game of billiards or snooker!

From the information received from both Peter Ainsworth and Ted Lowe it does seem likely that some of the 'story' that the Lawrence family had passed down could well be true, but, it also became apparent that some of the signatures must have been added at other times and events. For example at the reopening of the Leicester Square Match Room both Horace Lindrum and his mother Violet Lindrum, who was herself a snooker player of some repute, had already left the U.K. It would also seem from the signatures that different pens and ink were used which again might indicate that the signatures were added a different time perhaps when the original owner attended Billiard & Snooker celebrity matches.

Two reports concerning the re-opening of the Match Room which have been taken from 'The Billiard Player' magazine, the first of which was in the October 1947.

Leicester Square Match Room

From the list of 'Names' attending a few of them are signatures of the 'Cue' which gives some credence to the fact that the 'Cue' was signed at the event. The names that are on the cue from the above list are - Joe Davis, Walter Donaldson, Sidney Smith, John Barrie, Sydney Lee, Joyce Garner and Barbara Meston. However a number of those named as being at the opening do not appear as signatures on the 'Cue'.

Joe Davis, Valarie Hobson

L - R -Valerie Hobson, Mary Newman (daughter of Tom Newman) & Joe Davis

This picture appeared in a 1947 issue of The Billiard Player and must have been taken on the opening night, as the two articles mention the three people in the picture.

The following month, November 1947, another article was published

 match Room Leicester Sqaure

This report also list Lind Joyce, another signature on the 'Cue' as being present. It also makes reference to the fact that this new Match Room replaced the famous 'original' Thurston(click on name to read history of Thurston) Leicester Square Match Room in the same building.

Some of the signatures we are still not sure if they have been recognised correctly and so if anyone does recognise the name and what the person did the we ask that they contact us with the information. Pictures of the signatures are shown below (Because of the way the cue was signed some pictures will have shots of the same signature showing as in other pictures). Were possible picture of the person(s) who signed the Cue are also shown.

Joe davis Champion Snooker player
Joe Davis - The World famous Billiard & Snooker Player

Ken Gethim - who was a Jockey & Billiard Player


Raymond Glendennig; Dennis Compton

Raymond Glendenning - One of the great BBC radio commentators of his day he made several broadcast with Joe Davis on billiards & snooker.

Dennis Compton - The famous cricketer and footballer

Sydney Lee - Professional Billiard Player

Sydney Lee


Barbara Meston; John Barrie

Barbara Meston - Champion Lady Billiard Player

 Barbara Meston

Barbara Meston is on the right

Stanley Newman - could be son of Tommy Newman?

John Barrie - Professional Billiard Player

John Barrie Masse Billiard stroke

John Barrie professional Billiard player

Stanley Newman

John Barrie - Professional Billiard Player

Freddie Lawrence - Possibly Fred Lawrence a Midland Professional Champion, who once played Joe Davis in a World Snooker final.

Joyce Gardner ; Claude Falkiner

Claude Falkiner - Professional Billiard Player

Claude Falkiner Billiard Player

Note that the card is signed by Claude Falkiner in 1924 and then it was hand over to Norman Clare by Ted Acland, who had a billiard businss in Canada. 

Joyce Gardner - Professional Lady Billiard Champion

Joyce Gardner Professional Lady Billiard Champion


Herbert Holt Billiard player

Herbert Holt - Professional Billiard Player

Herbert Holt Billiard Professional

Herbert Holt and his wife

Lind Joyce ITMA

Lind Joyce - Radio Star during WWII in the famous "I T M A" BBC radio programme and billiard player

Lind Joyce BBC radio

Picture from 'The Billiard Player' dated February 1947

Horace Lindrum Australian Billiard Professional

Horace Lindrum - Australian Professional Billiard Champion

The 'Signature Cue' is a Horace Lindrum badge cue made by Peradon

Horace Lindrum

 Horace Lindrum

Claude Falkiner - Professional Billiard Player

Sidney Smith Professional Billiard player

Sidney Smith - Professional Billiard Player

Sidney Smith Billiard player

Mrs. Violet Lindrum Australian Snooker Champion

Picture from 'The Billiard Player' February 1947. The article contains some interesting bits of information about her such as - She train as a pianist under the ever great Paderewski (himself an ardent cueman) and she had given musical performances to vast Australian audiences as well as being a professional dancer. She was the Australian Women's Snooker Champion as well as being Horace Lindrum's manager.

Violet Lindrum; Dicky Law

Violet Lindrum - Professional pianist & Professional Snooker Player

Dicky Law - Professional Snooker Player who played in the professional championships in 1950/51

Walter Donaldson & Joe Davis

Walter Donaldson - Professional Billiard Player

Joe Davis - Billiard & Snooker legend

Walter Donaldson & Joe Davis

L - R - Joe Davis; June Davis; Walter Donaldson

Willie Smith Billiard player

Willie Smith - Professional Billiard Player

Paul Kwin ("Emile") - Not known?

If anyone recognises the name please contact the site so the information can be up dated.

 Arthur Wragg

A. Wragg - Jockey

The 'Cue' is now back in the safe keeping of the Lawrence family and the Billiard & Snooker Heritage Collection would like to thank them for the loan of the 'Cue' for the 2008 exhibition. We would also like to thank the family for enabling us to put together this article so that the 'Cue' and its association to the history of the games of Billiards & Snooker could be recorded.

In 2012 the Lawrence family very kindly allowed the Heritage Collection to have cue on loan so it is again back in Liverpool


Acknowledgements -

Tony Lawrence for the loan of the cue

Peter Ainsworth & (wispering) Ted Lowe for their help in providing much information.

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