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Thurston & Co.

A Potted(!) History of a British Billiard/Snooker business from 1799

002_thurston Front 0001
The front cover of one of the Company's earliest catalogues circa 1890

A sales leaflet produced by Thurston in 1949 stated "The name of Thurston is synonymous with billiards history". This statement should now be updated to "…..synonymous with billiards and snooker history". Snooker was a game originally invented to be played on a billiard table. Whilst we now refer to snooker tables, snooker cues etc. it is only since the end of the 1939-45 World War that snooker came to dominate in the UK. (see article 'Origins of Snooker')

a young John Thurston

The founder of the famous billiard & snooker business

John Thurston learnt about the trade at Gillow's (of Lancaster) London offices, where they offered not only high quality furniture but also billiard tables, and so it is assumed that when he set up his own furniture business he too offered billiard tables.

Gillow & Co of Lancaster

Gillow Billiard Rules

The Thurston furniture business started in 1799 in premises in Newcastle Street (in the parish of St. Clement Danes),in the Strand. However, could it be that before John Thurston set up completely on his own he was in partnership with two other cabinet makers? The evidence is from a copy of 'La Belle Assemblee' or 'Bell's Court & Fashionable Magazine' October 1809 which contained the following advert. Note the address '6 Catherine Street, Strand'.

004_thurstonearly Ref

Perhaps the following two adverts (possible typo error on initial 'T' should have been 'J' in the first advert) confirms the 6 Catherine Street association with the Thurston in the 1809 advert and also given the dates provides some supporting evidence that it was 1814 when he specialised in billiards.

1816 [June] Advert: "Billiard Tables.-T. Thurston, <sic> No.6, Catherine-street, Strand, having continual applications for good second-hand Billiard Tables, beyond the possibility of supplying them, is at length enabled by careful purchase of materials, and manufacturing many together, to offer new and superior tables, at very little more than the prices demanded for old ones, he submits to the Nobility, Gentry, Merchants, Captains, &c. a variety of portable and other Billiard Tables, some with solid mahogany beds, from 10 to 80 guineas, each warranted accurate, maces, cues, &c. Old Cushions re stuffed in town or country." [T.08/06/1816 p.1]

1817 Advert: As June 1816 except, now "J. Thurston" still 6, Catherine-street, prices ranging from "10 to 70 guineas" and "a new-invented portable billiard table with folding legs, very readily adapted, and most conveniently adapted for the dining or drawing room." [T.04/04/1817 p.1]

It is interesting to note in the adverts the mention of the 'new-invented portable billiard table as the collection has an example as illustrated in the following pictures




The table has a wooden bed and the legs lock into place with a dove -tail sections and metal struts.

008_thurston Napoleon

The letter from 'La Societe des Amis de St. Helena. (it sufferd some damage in 1940)

Thurston also supplied the billiard table to Longwood House on St. Helena which was used by Napoleon when he was exiled there after he was defeated at Waterloo. Thurston had confirmation of this when they made a presentation to 'La Societe des Amis de St Helena, as recorded by the letter shown above.

In 1826 John Thurston introduced the slate bed for billiard tables and the record's show that the first made complete with a slate bed was supplied to 'White's Club in 1832. Also in 1826 John Thurston was granted the Royal Warrant to His Majesty King George IV - sole appointment

There is also evidence that the Company first moved in to 14 Catherine Street. An old set of Billiard rules in the collection, shows the address as '14 Catherine Street, Strand and Salisbury Wharf, Adelphi, London'.


In 1833 John Thurston was granted the Royal Warrant of His Majesty King William IV.

Perhaps one of the most significant improvements that John Thurston introduced was in 1835 with the use of India Rubber for the Billiard Cushion. This replaced the old 'stuffed' List ( made up of layers of felt padding) cushions.

Thurston advert dated 1936

This advert from January 1936 shows 1835 Ledger entry concerning the 'Restuffing' of a set of cushions with India Rubber.

In 1837 John Thurston was granted the Royal Warrant of Her Majesty Queen Victoria.

In 1845 John Thurston introduced and patented the first vulcanised rubber billiard cushion.

Also about this time a Thurston table that had been exported to the U.S.A. was seen by the founder, John Brunswick, of the great U.S.A. Billiard company Brunswick, who appreciated the quality and set about manufacturing Billiard tables in the America.

Brunswick Thurston Billaird tables

The following announcement / advert from 1869 concerning the improvement to the cushions has 14 Catherine Street and given that we understand this patent was granted in 1869 it would indicate that Thurston's traded from 14 and 16 Catherine Street.


However this raises further questions as John Thurston's death is recorded as September 1850 (see correct dated below). In his will filed earlier in 1850 his address is 14 Catherine Street. So it could be that the shop and office was a 16 Catherine Street and he and his family lived at No 14? (John Thurston's Will was written 29th June 1850 and proved 16th September of that year. So he died sometime between those dates. Beneficiaries were his wife Sarah and his daughter Ruth Gabriel, wife of Christopher Trowell Gabriel, a timber merchant and sole executor).From additional information provided in 2014 by Margaret Wilkinson it would seem that John Thurston married twice. In 1799 he married Maria Cridland and they had a child Mary born 3/8/1805 a second daughter Ruth was born on 8/2/1807. Although no record of a 2nd marriage has so far been found John mentions his wife as Sarah in his will. Ruth, as mentioned, married Christopher Trowell Gabriel (Peter Gabriel founder member of Genesis is a distant relative!!). John Thurston is burried in Norwood Road Cemetery which confirms the date of his death as 7th August 1850 aged 73 years( there is a photograph of his headstone which can be seen by following the link -  )Sarah died in 1857 and is also burried in Norwood.

Thurston announcement of the patent for rubber cushions 

The letters patent (One of the three examples in the Billiard & Snooker Heritage Collection) concerning the introduction of Vulcanised Rubber Cushions are still in the Heritage collection and are an impressive sight with the hand written description and massive wax seal.

Thurston patent rubber billiard cushions

After his death in 1850 he was succeeded in the business by Mr. G.J. Atkins who entered into partnership with Samuel Pitts. Samuel Pitts was followed by his son Thomas Pitt and some time around 1896 a Mr. Stevens, who was the general manager, with his wife's brother - John Craggs - purchased the interest of the firm which was then turned into a limited company.

Confirmed by the following information provided by Peter Ainsworth from research he carried out -

1896(*) The business of Messrs. Thurston and Co. was registered as a Limited Company on February 24th [1896], by Gush, Phillips and Co., 8 Finsbury Circus, E.C., with a capital of £100,000, divided into 100,000 shares of £1 each. Object: To acquire the business of manufacturers of and dealers in billiard tables, and all accessories thereto, as now and hitherto carried on by Thurston and Co, at 16 Catherine Street, Strand, W.C., and 33 Cheyne Walk, and at Grass Market, Cape Town, [South Africa] upon the terms of an agreement expressed to be made between the above-mentioned Messrs. Thurston and Co. of the one part and this company of the other part; and to carry on and extend the said business in all or any of its branches. The signatures are:-Shares (one each) Mrs. J. G. Craggs, Stone House, St. John's, S.E; Mr. J. G. Craggs, Stone House, St. John's, S.E; C. H. Craggs, 16 Catherine Street, W.C; Mrs. C. E. Craggs, 9 Holies Street, Cavendish Square, W; G. D. Stevens, 16 Catherine Street, W.C; Mrs. D. Stevens, 35 Lavender Gardens, Clapham Common; H. H. Craggs, Fressingfield, Wandsworth Common. The first directors-of whom there shall be not less than three nor more than seven-are J. G. Craggs, G. H. Craggs, and G. D. Stevens. Qualification, £1,000. Remuneration, £10 each per annum. [Billiards Review 1895-96 p.300]

 Thurston trade mark

The trade mark of Thurston & Co circa 1896 which was also used as the Company Seal
(note the references to Australia and South Africa as well as their Royal Warrants)

We had assumed that as some adverts have the date establishing the business as 1814 (see picture below) that it tied in with being incorporated as a Limited Company when they also listed their address as 16 Catherine Street, with their 'Manufactory' at the Waterloo Billiard Works, Cheyne Walk, Chelsea. However information from Peter Ainsworth indicates that the factory didn't move to Cheyne Walk until 1872. So perhaps the 1814 date is when J. Thurston decided to specialise in billiard tables and billiard room furniture.

Thurston offices 16 Catherine Street, Strand, London

Picture taken from an old THURSTON catalogue

At the Great Exhibition in 1851 Thurston won a gold medal for the design of the table they exhibited

Thurston Great Exhibition 1851

The Heritage Collection is fortunate to have the certificate and also a picture from 'The Art Journal Illustrated Catalogue' showing the Billiard Table that the Company exhibited.

Thurston 1851 exhibition Billiard Table

In 1892 the Billiard Association of Great Britain and Ireland accepted a Thurston Billiard table as the 'Standard'. All Billiard (Snooker) tables since that date have followed that standard. The five signatures are all leading Billiard players of the day. In Norman Clare Past Master series information can be found on these players.

 Thurston Standard Billiard table

The original of this certificate is held in the Heritage Collection

They then specialised in billiards tables and billiard room furniture. When the 'Waterloo Billiard works' was set up Cheyne Walk was on the banks of the Thames, allowing easy access for the planks of timber, slates and other raw materials for billiard tables in to the factory from the river as shown in the following picture.

Thurston Waterloo Works Cheyne Walk

Thurston factory yard Chelsea 1908.

The factory yard circa 1908, as shown in an early Thurston catalogue.

The following pictures show parts of the factory at the Waterloo Billiard Works Cheyne Walk and some of the work force - based on the style of dress it seems to be from circa. 1900. It is interesting to note that the export crates all seem destined for South Africa.

Thurston Billiard Works Chelsea

Thurston Waterloo Billiard Works

Thurston Billiard Works Cheyne Walk Chelsea

Thurston Billiard Works employees

Thurston factory Chelsea


Thurston Billiard Table exports

Billiard table Works Chelsea

The offices in Catherine Street also had a Match Room to host Billiards competitions and there are two pictures of this room that we have. The first picture is the one used as the 'front piece' in the Kentfield book and the other is from one of the old Thurston catalogues.

024_thurstoncatherine St
In the Kentfield Book on Billiards published by Thurston this picture is used as the front piece.

Thurston Kentfield Signed by John Thurston

In one of the copies of the Kentfield 'Game of Billiards' that is in the
Heritage Collection John Thurston signature can be seen

Thurston Match Room Peall & North

Peall & North were the top professionals billiard players of the day and were two of signatures on the Billiard Association of Great Britain & Ireland 1892 'Standard Billaid Table' certificate.

1932 Thurston advert

A Thurston advert from 1923

Thurston copy of 1834 L. Kazanecki portrait

An oil painting copy of the Kazanecki portrait which is in the
Billiard & Snooker Heritage Collection

John Thurston as a older man

John Thurston as an older man

In the late 1890's a scheme to redevelop the Strand was planned and so it was that Thurston's had to move from Catherine Street. It seems that the company submitted claims for the costs of the removal that had to be considered in the courts.

Other information provided also shows the problems surrounding the move from Catherine Street to the famous Leicester Square premises.

1900 (*) The Strand Improvement Scheme-At the Guildhall, Westminster, yesterday, [20th November 1900] Mr. J. Troutbeck, high bailiff, and a jury, sat to assess the amount of compensation to be paid by the London County Council for acquiring the premises, 16 Catherine-street, Strand, in connexion with the new street from Holborn to the Strand. The premises are occupied by Messrs. Thurston and Co., billiard-table manufacturers. Mr. Balfour Browne, Q.C., Mr. H. E. Duke, Q.C., M.P., and Mr. C. E. Allan appeared for the claimants; and Sir Edward Clarke, Q.C., and Mr. E. Morten represented the London County Council. Mr. Balfour Browne said that Messrs. Thurston and Co.'s business was established in 1814, The premises comprised two sets of buildings, the front part being 16, Catherine-street, and the rear being in Helmet-court. They were held under two separate leases for a term of 21 years from 1892, at rentals of £150 and £115 per annum. This was, according to the evidence he could produce, an inadequate rental. He urged that the claimants were entitled to compensation for the fixtures and fittings, for the cost of removal, and the rent of temporary premises, for the damage by the removal, and for the charge of advertising such removal. Mr. John George Craggs, chairman of Thurston and Co. (Limited), said the average net profit for the past three years had been £5,930. The premises consisted of show-rooms and offices, and a match-room. After making inquiries he considered that it would not be possible to get suitable premises in the district for less than £1,500 a year. Mr. W. Jeffery, director of Sell's Advertising Agency, and Mr. King, advertising agent, estimated the cost of advertising at £3,000 per annum. Sir J. Whittaker Ellis, surveyor, estimated the rental value of the premises at £1,000 per annum. This would make the profit rental £735 a year for 13 years, which on the 6 per cent, table, equalled, with 10 per cent. for compulsory sale, £7,120. He considered that at least a sum equal to two years' profits should be allowed for damages by removal. Sir Edward Clarke said the case for the claimants was founded entirely on apprehensions for which there was no justification in experience. He did not say that the claimants were not entitled to be compensated, but he urged that the claim had been unduly exaggerated. Mr. Farmer, of Messrs. Debenham, Tewson, Bridgewater, and Farmer, surveyors, estimated the premises as worth £525 a year, a profit rental of £260. This was worth £2,531, and he considered that one year's profit, £6,000, would amply compensate the claimants for any damage. The Court was adjourned till to-day. [T.21/11/1900 p.12]

The high bailiff, and a jury yesterday resumed the consideration of the case in which Messrs. Thurston and Co. (Limited), billiard table makers, claimed damages from the London County Council for their interests as lessees and tenants of the premises at No. 16, Catherine street, Strand, which had been acquired in connexion with the new streets. The amount of the claim was nearly £25,000, which was made up as follows:-Value of leasehold interest, £7,000; fixtures and fittings, £700; removal, £250; temporary premises, £250; loss of trade by removal, £10,000; advertising, £6,000; stationary, &c, £100. The same counsel appeared as on the previous day. The evidence on behalf of the Council was continued by Mr. James Green, of Weatherall and Green, Chancery-lane, surveyor, who said he had had an exceptional experience in connexion with properties in the Strand and neighbourhood. He estimated the present rental value of the premises in Catherine-street at £530 per annum, or a profit rental of £265 per annum. This for 13 years on the 6 per cent. table was worth £2,345, and adding 10 per cent. for compulsory sale, £2,579. The fixtures and fittings had been agreed at £700, and in his opinion one year's profits would be a most ample compensation for any loss of trade by removal. Thurston's was not a retail business. It was a trade name and the firm would do as well in any suitable position. Mr. W. S. B. Glasier, surveyor, of St. James's-street, estimated the profit rental to the present tenants at £2,775. In his opinion one year's profits would pay all the trade loss. Mr. B. Walker, surveyor, 32, Moorgate-street, agreed in this valuation. This concluded the evidence and Sir Edward Clarke addressed the jury. Mr. Balfour Browne, in replying, urged that Messrs. Thurston and Co. should be protected from the possibility of any loss by the removal of their business. The high bailiff briefly summed up, and the jury returned a verdict for £9,237, which included all the items in the claim. [T.22/11/1900 p.12]

The following report and information is taken from the 'The World of Billiards' , which was 'The Official Organ of The Billiard Association of Great Britain and Ireland - India and The Colonies' who thought it of sufficient interest to publish in the November 1900 issue the following :-

Thurston 1900 report

 031_Thurston Court2

032_thurston 1900

Mr G. Stevens Director of Thurston

Mr. G. Stevens

(who we believe was related to Mr. Craggs by marriage)

Before the move to their new premises in Leicester Square was completed the Company looked to raise funds to help with the costs involved and in the prospectus emphasised their South African investments. The prospectus was printed in the February 1902 issue of 'The World of Billiards'.

033_Thurston Offer

The outcome was the move to their most famous office and showroom complete with Match Room in Leicester Square in 1901. What a place it must have been, with extensive showrooms that must have bee the envy of all their competitors.

Thurston Leicester Sq

Thurston Leicester Square office and showrooms

 035_thurston Match Hall

Thurston Leicester Square office and showrooms as shown in one of the Thurston catalogues

 036_thurstontop Showroom         037_thurstonentrance LS

    Table showroom                               Main Entrance

Thurston Leicester Sq Billiard table showroom

The Main Billiard Table showroom

all the above pictures are taken from a Thurston catalogues

The famous Thurston Match Room in Leicester Square

A view of the famous Thurston Leicester Square Match Room

Thurston Match Hall Lindrum v Newman

The Leicester Square Match Room hosted many Professionl Matches. The above picture shows Tom Newman at the table in a match against Waleter Lindrum.  Charles Chambers the marker stands by the Table.

Also at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century Thurston's were able to commission some of the great artists and architects of that period to design tables for them to offer to their clients.

The following pictures are from the Thurston Catalogue of the period.

Thurston Billiard table designed by C.F.A. Voysey

C.F.A. Voysey

 Voysey designed Billaird Table

The Voysey designed table on display in the Thurston showrooms

Thurston Billaird table by Frank Brangwyn R.A.

Thurston Billiard table designed by Frank Brangwyn R.A.

Frank Brangwyn R.A. designed cabinets
Thurston Life Pool Combination Marking Board cabinets also designed by
Frank Brangwyn R..A.

 Thurston Billiard table by G. B. Carvill

Thurston Billaird Table by G.B. Carvill, Architect

William Morris Billiard table

Thurston Table designed by William Morris

Thurston also enjoyed Royal Patronage and had several Royal Warrants granted during the later part of the 19th Century and early 20th Century. They displayed these at their Leicester Square premises and fortunately a number survived the 1940 damage. An example from 1907 is shown below -

Thurston 1911 Royal Warrant


In 1911 Thurston were granted the Royal Warrant to His Majesty King George V.

All the great Billiard Players of the day played matches at Thurston's, Walter Lindrum and Joe Davis probably being the most famous. The painting of Walter Lindrum, now hanging in the Australian National Portrait Gallery in Canberra, shows him standing by the Thurston Match Table.


Walter Lindrum at the Thurston Match table. This portrait is now part of the National Portrait Collection in Canberra, Australia 

Walter Lindrum and aritist Will Longstaff
Walter Lindrum standing in the Thurston Match Room with the noted Australian Aritist Captain Will Longstaff

 Joe Davis at Leicester Square 1930

Joe Davis winner of the 1930 Professional Billiard Championships also in the picture taken at Thurston Match Room Leicester Square are L - R - Rev. Herbert Dunnico MP; Chas Chambers marker; Tom Newman losing finalist & Mr. Bissett


AThurston Match Room Leicester Square painting of Thurston Leicester Square Match Room by Charles Cundell 1938
depicting an early snooker match between Joe Davis, standing, and Tom Newman playing the shot

Not only were Royalty customers but other famous persons such as Charles Dickens and in fact Thurston's kept one of his cheque's in payment as a memento. Sadly it suffered some damage in 1940, as can be seen in the picture below.

Charles Dickens cheque for Thurston

Other famous writers visited the Match Room such as Conan Doyle, who, in his book 'The Adventure of the Dancing Men' has a part where Holmes deduces that Watson spent the previous evening at his club playing billiards with a friend called THURSTON. J.B. Priestley was so taken with his visit that he wrote an essay, titled "At Thurston's" which was published it in his book of essay in 1932. It is a tremendous piece and conjures up the atmosphere of the Match Room as well as Priestley's appreciation of the players and setting.

In the late 19th century and early 20th century the Thurston Company expanded their interests overseas by opening offices in South Africa. In fact some of the AGM's were held in Cape Town (it must have been quite a trip, out and back on a Union Castle liner just for a meeting!!).

Thurston South Africa shop Cape Town

The Cape Town shop, note the range of sporting goods also sold as well as being
the sole agents for Merryweathers Fire Engines!


Thurston Leicester Square

The above photo, circa 1938, shows the managing Director of Thurston's, Sydney Gillett talking to Tom Newman. THat's the company car parked outside the shop!

 Billiard Trade Dinner1940

The Gold Cup Dinner 1939. Thoses members and players recognised have been named it should be noted that Thurston's Chairman & Md were both in attendance.

Thurston S Gillett MD 1916-50

Mr. S Gillett Thurston's Managing Director in 1940 holding a mace on the Thurston table supplied to H.M. Queen Victoria in 1838. It was replaced by the Company in 1936 and at the time of this picture was one of the items in the Exhibition of Billiards Antiquiteies that was hosted at Thurston Leicester Square premises. Sadly when the building suffered bomb damaged later in 1940 the table was destroyed.

Billiard Antiquities Exhibition 1940 

The catalogue for the Exhibition mentioned above. As can be read it was to help raise funds for The Lord Mayor's Red Cross & St. John War organisation Appeal. Item No. 1 was the Thurston table mentioned above supplied on 16th october 1838 and errected at Windsor Castle.


In May 1940 the Leicester Square premise suffered severe bomb damage.

Thurston 1940 bomb damage

Thurston Match Room 1940

The Thurston Matchroom after the air raid

Thurston damage report 1940

The report about the damage caused by the 1940 bombing

So in 1940 they moved out of their bomb damaged offices, leaving their famous Match Room, which was later re-opened and run by 'new management' and Thurston transferred to their Cheyne Walk premises.

Leicester Square matchroom 1945

The Match Room at Leicester Square when it re-opened in 1947 under new management

There Thurston stayed until in the 1960's their landlord wished to redevelop the area. At that time new owners of Thurston (the Partners of E.A.Clare & Son) took over the then somewhat ailing Company and so the search was on for premises to house a small manufacturing base, a retail outlet and the offices.

Newspaper report on Thurston move

Suitable, affordable premises were difficult to find but a mews type factory and yard complete with an end of terrace house was found and so the Company in 1964 moved into 1/1a Sharples Hall Street, Primrose Hill in North London. It was not ideal but met most of the search criteria.

Thurston, Sharples Hall Street

The entrance to the office and factory from Sharples Hall Street, Primrose Hill

Circa 1967 Clare van Sharples Hall Street

During the 1960's the three businesses of E.A. Clare & Son, Thos. Padmore & Sons and Thurston trade under their separate identities but in the early 1980's they traded as the Clare - Padmore - Thurston Group with a common national and international identity. In 1969 the BBC broadcast the first of the 'POT BLACK' programmes, Clare - Padmore - Thurston were involved from the beginning installing the Snooker table in the Birmingham studios.

BBC 2 Pot Black 

Pot Black circa 1970 -Ted Lowe the famous 'whispering voice of Snooker' commentator standing to the left of Eddie Charlton with John Pulman taking the shot

In 1983 the Sharples Hall Street factory was sold and larger factory premises at 15/17 Brecknock Road London N7 were acquired.

Thurston 220 Camden High Street

Thurston Camden High Street, not far from Camden Lock

In 1988 the Clare - Padmore - Thurston Group amalgamated to trade under the historic, to the Billiard & Snooker trade, name of THURSTON.

During the late 1980's Thurston acquired (in 1986) the long established Belgium Billiard business of Van Laere to build on the northern European demand for Snooker Tables. Sadly the European venture  was not successful but for a time Thurston Van Laere office was in Brussels (closed 1990).

Thurston Van Laere Belgium

Thurston - Van Laere: Rue Brabant 202; Brussels

The Brecknock Road factory was required due to the demand for Snooker tables first in the UK, then in Hong Kong and followed by Belgium and Holland. Once the higher demand had stabilised the table manufacture was transferred to the Liverpool factory and the Brecknock Road premises were sold in 1990.

In 1991 it was decided that the Camden High Street premises were not suitable to manage the business from, it was impossible for either customers or the snooker / billiard / pool service staff to park. Eventually the current premises at 110 High Street, Edgware were found and in 1992 the Company moved setting up the showroom / retail area on the ground floor and the offices on the first floor.

Thurston also sell bowling green bowls and accessories for both the Lawn Green Game and Crown Green. Thurston has another significant association with bowls because the test table used for checking bowls is based on Billiard / Snooker tables. The most common method is to place three tables end to end but one bowls test table manufactured and installed was made up of five table side by side, (should have been entered for the Guinness Book of records as the largest Snooker Table ever made!!). So it is that Thurston have supplied, installed and advised on many test table not just in the UK but throughout the bowling world. The list of test tables installed confirms Thurston the experts in such matters:-

Drakes Pride - Liverpool; Thurston - London; Thos. Padmore & Sons - Birmingham;Thos Taylor (Bowls) - Glasgow; Greys - Worcestershire; Bill Irish Bowls - Pershore:Crown Green Services - Lancashire; Pershore Bowls Centre - Pershore; Premier Bowls - Cheshire;Drakes Pride Victoria - Bendigo, Australia

Thurston have also undertaken the up-grade of the test tables required by World Bowls Ltd. at:- Drakes Pride - Liverpool; Pershore Bowls Centre - Pershore;Drakes Pride Victoria - Bendigo Australia

Thurston Bowls Test Table

An example of Thurston installed bowls test table made up of three snooker tables end to end thus being 36 ft long.

In 2013 Thurston have supplied and installed another bowls test table to Malaysia. Tthe picture below shows in under construction in their workshop.


In 2008 due to the growth in on line sales of Snooker items - our e-shop - the retail section in London was closed leaving the administration and office in Edgware.

Thurston London Shop , 110 High Street,Edgware

110 High Street, Edgware, London, HA8 7HF
(this shop was closed in 2009)

Thurston also have a Birmingham office and an extensive showroom and offices in Liverpool. Liverpool is also where the Billiard / Snooker / Pool table factory is situated.  

Thurston, St. Anne Street, Liverpool

In 2016 the Company was the winner of the "Delivering Excellent Service " for the leisure division of Center Parcs. Thurston was proud to receive this recognition and they continue to strive to offer the high level of service to all their customers.

Center Parcs


 As a result of a review during the '2020 Covid-19 Lockdown' it was decided that the retail outlet in Liverpool be closed and that all the sales should be carried out via the eshop. The Birmingham office was also closed

Onlineshopfront V 3 0421

The full range of snooker/pool tables and accessories, including Bingo, Darts and Trophies are available at :-

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The 'old' retail space has been transformed into the biggest showroom for Pool & Snooker Tables in the North West - just give us a call on 0151 482 2700 to arrange a VIP appointment to select the Pool or Snooker table that is right for your home.

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Reluctantly at the same time due to the lack of service work with the clubs being closed due to the lockdowns the Service/fitting work also was withdrawn.



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