File returned by the Victoria & Albert Museum

In 2017 contact was made by the Victoria & Albert museum (V & A), they had recently found a file of Thurston papers and wished to return them. Some 30+ years earlier a number of files had been lent to the museum containing old drawings etc. but most had already been return. The file which the V & A found had been overlooked when the other files had been sent back and as the V & A didn't want to keep the file they checked that Thurston would take it back..

There were some quite interesting items some of which have been photographed to add to the the Snooker Heritage site. Some original drawings by Frank Brangwyn R.A. show his design which were made into actual pieces by Thurston which were shown in their catalogue.

Frank Brangwyn R.A. Billiard Furniture 

Thurston catalogue - Brangwyn R.A.

Thurston Brangwyn Billiard Table 

 The above pictures are from one of the old Thurston catalogues and you can clearly see that the finished articles were faithfully produced from the artists design. He also designed the rather splendid table table Design No. 15.

 Cabinets for Billiard Room by Brangwyn


There were also a Billiard Room design concepts - for which we do not know the artists.

Design for a private Billiard Room 

Tom Reece Billiard Player Record Break

 There is the original of a certificate of a record Billiard break by Tom Reece.

The break was 1825 with 899 consecutive cannons in a mct against M. Inman. The Certificate notes that it was made on a Standard Billiard Table in Thurston, Leicester Square on 14th March 1907

Thurston Match Room Leicester Square London

 Thurston Match Room, Leicester Square.

The marking board has M. Inman and J. Davis names on it.


 Thurston Matcroom Cape Town South Africa 

The above picture is the Thurston Match Room in , we believe, Cape Town probably circa. 1928 and the match was between Geldenhuis Deep and Crown Mines, both teams were competing in the Mines Billiard Championship.


Acknowledgement - Peter Ainsworth for providing information on the South African picture


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