Unusual Snooker Table Installations & Storage

Over the years Thurston's have supplied, installed and worked on Snooker/Billiard tables in many places and countries. Some of these have been quite unusual. Here a just a few examples that might be of interest.


A Snooker/Billiard table was supplied and installed on a barge moored on one of the canals on the outskirts of Amsterdam. The barge was part of the games room of our client whose garden finished on the canal bank to which they moored the barge. As you will see in the following photographs the barge isn't quite of the design one might expect! It has two floor levels, the table was installed in the bottom floor, which was below the water line. When the table was installed the barge settled a further 10mm into the water as a result of additional weight.

 The Barge

 The barge, moored at the bottom of the garden

 Snooker Table on barge

 The windows on the right are the ones you can just make out on the first picture underneath the "bay window' section. These window are only about 150mm (6 inches) above the water.

 the Snooker Room on the barge

 The next installation illustrated was one of the more unusual and a pictorial record was kept. This table was stored under the floor of one of the entertaining rooms in the house. When the owner wanted to play a game of Snooker the table had to be raised from its storage pit, as shown in the following sequence of pictures.

  Snooker Underfloor

 The 'ballroom' - where can I play Snooker?

  Snooker Underfloor Table

 Centre floor panel raised complete with lighting shade

 Snooker Table set up

 Two floor panels lifted - Note table set up for a game!

 Snooker Table at floor level

 Table rises from below and is fully exposed

Table ready for a game of snooker

 Table ready for play. As you will see the table has been spun through 90 degrees. The two end floor panels have been hinged back into the floor and then the table lowered into its playing position still with the balls still set for snooker.

 Recently (2007) we carried out a full recover on a full size table in the North East of England. The table was stored under the stage of the club! This allowed the hall to be used for other functions and also for badminton. For the Snooker players to use the table it had to be taken out from under the stage. This was achieved by running the table on rails! When the table was either in its storage position or playing position it had a special locking mechanism which prevented it moving. Our fitter reported that when out in its playing position it was perfectly level. The following photographs were taken on a disposable camera so they are not as clear as they might have been.

 Snooker Table under stage

Picture 1 - you can see the table, covered in a silver plastic dustcover, under the stage and the rails in place allow it to be wheeled out into its playing position

 Snooker Table of rails

Picture 2 - Shows table out from the stage. The rails from under the stage to its playing position are removed, thus allowing players to walk round without fear of tripping.

 Wheels on Snooker Table

Picture 3 & 4 - Show the special castors on the rails. You can also see the metal bracing bars that had to be fitted to keep the legs square to each other.

 013_tableon Rails6


 Snooker Table ready for play

Picture 5 - Table ready for play!

Recently (August 2011) discovered pictures, whilst researching Norman Clare's files, show a Thurston Design No. 23 Table by C. F. A. Voysey which was stored below the floor when not in use. The final picture shows part of the mechanism which raised and lowered the table. Sadly we currently do not know where these pictures were taken! (Should anyone know any further information on where this table was installed please advise)

Voysey Billiard Table

 The Voysey Table as illustrated in the Thurston catalogue circa 1929

 Billiard Table by C.F.A . Voysey

Table shown in playing position. You can just see through the trap door part of one of the chains which are used in raising and lowering the table and floor section on which it stands.

 C F A Voysey

The joist that can bee seen under the table are used to support the floor panels that cover the table when it is in its stored position.

 Billiard table cesending

The table is covered for storage and you can just see that it has begun its decent.

Table fully lowered

The table is now at the lowest position for storage and you can see where the joist fit into slots on the sides of the opening.

Under F_5_web

The joist are slotted into position ready to take the floor panels.

Table being covered wth the floor 

 A couple of the floor panels in position.

Snooker Table under the floor

 All floor panels in position, room ready for entertaining.

 Raising & lowering chains

This picture clearly shows one of the chains that raises and lowers the table and its floor section. It also shows part of the cogs and shafts that move the chains. It also shows at the top right of the picture a brass wheel that runs up and down the guide rail.

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