The Cue Collector Articles witten by Andy Hunter

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"The Cue Collector" Articles - Introduction by Gordon Radford

Andy Hunter wrote a series of twenty informative articles, under the title "The Cue Collector, which were published by the English Amateur Billiard Association in the Amateur Billaird Player magazine between July 1997 and the Spring of 2003. The articles cotain a wealth of information about antique billiard and snooker cues. They are a must to read for any serious collector or anyone who wishes to know about a particular antique cue.

Both Andy and I (Gordon Radford) collate all sorts of information about old cues and, in some cases, we know quite a bit more about some cues than is shown in the articles. Overtime, more information will be added to - - website to supplement the information given in these articles.


The articles give approximate values on many cues. These need to be treated with a great deal of caution. Some of the articles written as much as 20 years ago (this intro read types 2017). The most recent were written in 2003. In the intervening period, the advent of eBay has meant that many cues proved to be more common than once thought so, in some cases, the current value of some of the cues are lower than is stated in the articles. Other cues remain rare and the advent of auction sites has not decreased their value. Some cues are more valuable than was once thought.

Gordon Radford ( keeps very detailed records of the sale price of antique cues and Andy Hunter ( and Gordon are happy to help provide you with information about the approximate value of an antique billiard and snooker cue. If you would like to know the approx value of a cue, please contact either Gordon or Andy.

Copyright - The Cue Collector Articles are reproduced with the kind permission of the author, Andy Hunter.

The copies of the articles have been scan from the original pages so sadly the picture quality is not as high as the originals.

Article 1 -John Roberts Senior Cues ( published July 1997)

Article 2 - William Cook Cues (published November 1997)

Article 3 - Joseph Bennett Cues (published February 1998)

Article 4 - Green, Taylor & Haverson Cues (published May 1998)

Article 5 - Thurston, Orme etc. Cues (published August 1998)

Article 6 - Walter Lindrum Cues (published November 1998)

Article 7 - Diggle Cues (published February 1999)

Article 8 - Mannock Cues (published May 1999)

Article 9 - Stevenson Cues (published August 1999)

Article 10- Thurston, Burroughes & Watts etc Cues (published February 2000)

Article 11 - Willie Smith Cues (published May 2000)

Article 12 - Mel Inman & Geo, Nelson Cues (published August 2000)

Article 13 - Peall Cues (published November 2000)

Article 14 - Tom Newman Cues (published August 2001)

Article 15 - Tom Reece Cues (published November 2001)

Article 16 - Sidney Smith & Tom Carpenter Cues (published February 2002)

Article 17 - Camkin, Madam Strebor & Aiken Cues (published Spring 2002)

Article 18 - Joe Davis Cues (published Summer 2002)

Article 19 - Mack, Cook & Murton Cues (published Autumn 2002)

Article 20 - Gray & Stevens Cues (published Spring 2003)

Acknowledgements :-

Andy Hunter

Gordon Radford

Peter Ainsworth