The Cue Collection

Part of the Norman Clare Billiard & Snooker Heritage Collectionat Thurston's Liverpool offices is a significant Billiard / Snooker cue collection and given that there are specialist collectors interest in cues, in the UK and USA, it was decided not only to catalogue the collection but also photograph them and add the information to the web site.
The collection was started by Norman Clare and ranges from fine examples of early maces and French marquetry cues through endorsed players cues and Billiard Company models. Andy Hunter has visited the cue collection on several occasions as he is so impressed with it. There are a number of cues with 'Past Master' players names on and you will find that a number of these players have articles about them in the Norman's Articles section.
Please note we are not able to give valuations on cues but check out our LINKS PAGE for such help.

The Cue Collection is quite extensive and doesn't just have antique cues but also covers some of the more modern cue and cues that were selected for their design and style.

With Peradon (see Peradon history) being part of our group we also have a collection of some of the cue butt plates from their own range of cues as well as from models of cues that they made exclusively for particular customers.

Cue Collection