Items added to the collection

In April 2017 a letter written by Sidney Smith was kindly donated to the Collection by Mr. M. Barnett. He is a volunteer in the warehouse of a local charity which handles donations and the letter fell out of a donated book. He thought it was of interest and thought it should be preserved. 

The picture below is a reduced version of the letter.

Sidney Smith letter

A picture donated March 2017 by John Ingleby of a match between C. Dawson & H.W. Stevenson.

Dawson Match

The match took place at the Lesser Free Trade Hall, Manchester and the picture with Stevenson at the table was probably taken on 31st March 1904. The marker (seen holding the rest) was George Jackson a local billiard professional. All the information about the picture was provided by Peter Ainsworth


July 2016 - picture of the 1951 Professional Snooker Championships between Fred Davis and Walter Donaldson.

Fred Davis Walter Donaldson

Fred Davis won 58 frames to 39 frames.

Picture kindly donated by Henry Smith

Keeping an interest in all things Thurston a marking board circa 1870's with the cartouche reading

Hopkins Stephens _thurston Nephews

The board was aquired in July 2016 and is now on display in the collection