March 2018 Frederick Jones collection

A letter received in March 2018 from a lady who said she might have some items that would be of interest for the Heritage Collection. It turn out that her grandfather Frederick Jones had for many years worked at Thurston Leicester Square during the 1930's.

He had quite a collection of photographs of both amateur and professional billiard players at the Thurston Match Room. Some of the pictures had Fred Jones in the background.

His granddaughter very kindly sent all the pictures and some other interesting items to be added to the Collection.

Frederick Jones at Thurston

Frederick Jones reading his newspaper in the Thurston Leicester Square Match Room

Fred Jones & Charlie Chambers

Frederick Jones and Charlie Chambers who was the marker at Thurston Match Room

C FJ Gold Cup Supper 19121936 Complete 

, cartoon drawn by  1936 Tom Webster, the Daily Mail cartoonist on a menu from the 1936 dinner

Players Autographs Gold Cup Dinner 21011939

Autographed menu from 1939 dinner

D FJ Tom Webster Drawing Gold Cup Dinner 21011939

Tom Webster cartoon menu 1939 dinner

Thurston Leicester Square; London

Thurston showroom and office Leicester Square


There was over 70 pictures in Fredrick Jones' collection many showing the amateurs who played the finals of their competitions at Thurston Match Room. Basically there are too many pictures to show in this short article.


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